One Direction member Zayn Malik is considering marring to his girlfriend Perrie Edward, reports are revealing. They were some earlier claims that Zayn was cheating on Perrie but the claims are believed to have only brought them closer together. Zayn is almost ready to get married but his 1D band mates are warning him against it.

Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards together

Perrie Edwards wants to have a baby with Zayn Malik

Zayn is ready to settle down and take the next step with Perrie. They’ve been discussing getting engaged with family and friends and everyone thinks it’s a great idea. Zayn has made some public remarks about it, although in a joking sort of way but it looks like he could propose at any time.

Zayne flirts with Perrie of Little Mix

Zayne Malik flirting with his fiance Perrie Edwards

Perrie says they could be engaged as early as this coming summer and she expects the wedding to be big!

Let’s wish this young celebrity couple luck, we know they will need it.

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