The up and coming young actress and younger sister of Dakota Fanning has really grown up since her last big film made it’s debut (Super 8) in Theaters in June 2011.

Elle Fanning is only 14 years old mind you, but we all know she could play an 18 year old girl on TV with no problem.  Go ahead and check the pictures below and be the judge for yourself.

We have uploaded photos of Elle Fanning from the 2012 AFI Fest premiere of ‘Ginger & Rosa’ at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in LA, California.

2012 Elle Fanning Pictures: Growing Up

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  • bunny93

    She looks pretty

  • DjPaul

    She looks like she is exactly 17

  • KStewart

    She looks really pale but I love, she is a great actress

  • Vanessa Smith

    dakota fanning still looks hotter and is the better actress

  • Vanessa Smith

    elle fanning is one of my favorite celebs to follow on twitter though