It looks like One Direction‘s Harry Styles and young singer Taylor Swift‘s romance is getting more and more serious by the day and new reports now state that Harry is the ‘ultimate romantic’ and is even planning to give Taylor a ‘home-made ring’ for her 23rd birthday coming up in a few days.

It seems like the 1D star has left his womaniser ways far behind him and is planning to buy a special birthday present for Taylor, who turns 23 on Thursday (December 13).

A friend of the singer told the Daily Star: “Harry’s been on the phone to leading Los Angeles jeweller Robert Procop, who designed Angelina Jolie’s engagement ring.”

Picture of Taylor Swift and Harry Styles holding hands together

Harry Styles orders a ring for Taylor Swift

Adding, “He’s been asking advice on what pieces can be made, or what are already available that would suit Taylor.”

“Harry doesn’t want anything too over the top or too ostentatious. But he’s happy to splash the cash on a nice ring, not an engagement ring or anything silly like that. He’s looking for something traditional.”

The source also revealed that Harry’s been taking advice from people around him and has also talked to Tiffany’s in New York.

His friend continued: “He wants a fun, colourful stone. Harry really is the ultimate romantic – very sentimental and generous. He’s only just getting to know Taylor but as her birthday is coming up next week he wants to buy something lovely for her.”

Adding, “Everyone who knows Harry knows he’ll always go the extra mile for a girlfriend.”

Meanwhile, it seems like Harry’s bandmates may not be quite as smitten with his other half as he is, as they’re apparently ‘worried’ that Taylor is going to break the curly haired cuties heart.

“Harry’s public romancing of Taylor has got the other lads all riled up,” a source told Radar Online.

“With Taylor’s reputation for writing break-up songs about her exes, they think Harry could find himself in a spot of bother if it doesn’t work out and his actions are setting them all up for a fall.”


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  • trustonlyme

    I love them both! I am a 1D girl 4life!!

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    LMFAO I honestly think these two are just doing it for the publicity.

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    I heard taylor swift is pregnant with Harry Styles’s kid!!

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    aww my new favorite couple! I think they look good together