One Direction Take Me Home Album Cover

One Direction Take Me Home Cover

One Direction is back!  Well ok, they really didn’t go anywhere but they do have a new music video, Little Things.

It was just released a couple of days ago and it already has over 14,000,000 views!  Click here to watch 1D’s new music video.

I wonder if their album new album,’Take Me Home‘ will sell more than Taylor Swift’s ‘Red Album‘?

I highly doubt it but the british boy band is expected to sell well over 700,000 units when their album is released on November 13.

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  • 1directionLISAxx

    omg i love 1D!!!!

  • Elizzza

    love it!

  • redrum88

    Why did they do it in black and white?

    • Elizzza

      who cares it was great!

  • Vanessa Brown

    I love one direction! I was at their concert a few months ago and liam was looking at me the whole time i swear!!!

    • DjPaul

      Did security come after you before or after the show?