Live While We're Young Video

Live While We’re Young Video

These talented young male singers that have formed a group known as One Direction or 1D for short, are absolutely on fire.

The British boy band released their highly anticipated single packed with a music video, Live While We’re Young a couple of days ago and already the official music video has generated just about 20 Million views and 500,000 Likes on their Youtube channel.

The fan reactions on twitter tell the story, one fan tweeted, “I haven’t left my laptop in ages because i’ve just been watching LWWY non stop that i’ve actually overheated my laptop and it burnt my leg.” The hash tag on twitter for 1D’s Live while we’re young is #LWWY, for those of you interested on joining the mayhem.

Let us know in the comments what you think about One Directions new music which you can watch here. Enjoy!