1D Announces a surprise release of their new video that no one saw coming, not even the most die-hard 1D fans were ready for this!

The One Direction Twitter account tweeted “SO…who saw boys performing #OneWayOrAnother?! We’ve got another surprise…the official video will be LIVE at midnight UK time! 1DHQ x,” – This was posted immediately after the boys sang at the BRITS Awards in London.

Click here to watch 1D’s new music video!

One Direction - One way or another music video photo

One Direction performs their new music video.

The title of the of the 1D music video is titled ‘One Way or Another (teenage kicks)‘ and it even features the Prime Minister of the UK, David Cameron having “fun” with the british boy band, seriously.

“We are really excited to be part of Red Nose Day this year,” Niall Horan said to M magazine about the song. ”We recorded Blondie’s ‘One Way or Another’ and we really want the song to raise lots of money and for people to show their support by going out and buying themselves a copy.”

Band member Louis Tomlinson then said: “Getting the chance to perform Blondie’s song will be incredible. We’re so excited! Red Nose Day is a great excuse to have a lot of fun and to raise money, please get involved.”

Anyway, enough talking, do you want to watch One Direction’s new video? CLICK HERE!

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  • KingWade

    hate it

    • Taylor Swift

      well i love it

  • Emelia Jovanio


  • Yvonne Bender

    niall in the shower <3<3 <3

    • Pam Didner

      I KNOW OMG!! <3 he is so hooot

  • Khanya Siyengo

    it sucks just like all their songs

    • Sanguani Minjale

      then why are you listening to it??

  • Kristi Cieira

    I love them these boys more than anything in the world i swaeerr!