Hey everyone again! How are you all this fine Saturday evening? As for me I am ok and I am looking forward to a nice long summer that is only a couple of months away, yes, I have already started counting down!

Just like we did on Thursday by adding future Disney star Olivia Holt to our web site, we have now added the #1 teen singer in all of Sweden!

Photo of Zara Larsson in shorts

Swedish Singer Zara Larsson

Who is this Swedish princess we are talking about? None other than 15 year old Zara Larsson who you will no doubt hear about in the next 2-3 years as she has recently signed with SONY music USA meaning you will start seeing her music videos on MTV and VH1 very soon.

Want to know more about our favorite young singer from Sweden? Check out Zara Larsson’s profile first and then enjoy her Zara Larsson’s gallery right after. If you want to listen to her songs, visit  Zara Larsson on YouTube, Zara Larsson Twitter and Zara Larsson on Facebook.

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